samedi 14 mai 2011

Clouds with legs

Notre camarade Roz Savage, en transmettant cette saisissante photo, nous écrit de son bateau à rame quelquepart dans l'Océan Indien:

"As Friday the Thirteenths go, I suppose this one could have been worse. A strange variety of weather, with storm clouds passing over and dumping rain on me from time to time, and creating strange local wind systems so I haven’t known from one hour to the next what to expect. All a bit challenging, but managed a few miles in more or less the right direction (more of the less, maybe).

It can be quite spectacular, though, to look around a 360 degree horizon and see all kinds of weather going on round about. Especially those big black clouds with “legs” of rain. A bit like living in Kansas, I suppose. The weird thing was how many insects turned up when things got stormy. There were a couple of moths, a reddish gangly insect that kept landingon me, and a couple of flies. Where did they come from?!

As we head into night, the ocean is rough and the waves are crashing. Sometimes I wish I could turn off the wind machine, just for a little while, so I could get a solid night’s sleep.(...)"

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